NoAH Workshop on Honeypots

This workshop will present the pilot honeypot infrastructure being developed by the NoAH project. It will also outline the techniques being developed for the automatic identification of cyberattacks, and the mechanisms used to distribute this information to firewalls and other containment systems. Honeypots are hosts specifically set-up on a network to appear to offer useful resources, but which have no production value and can therefore be used to lure attackers in order to analyse their methods and behaviour.

Time: Wednesday, May 17 from 14:00 to 15:30 Archived streams are available per presentation.
Location: F
Chair: Cătălin Meiroşu TERENA (NL)

Presentations in this session:

Title Speaker  
Practical Experiences with the deployment of honeypots Jan Kohlrausch (DFN-CERT Services GmbH)
Towards Automated Botnet Detection and Mitigation Thorsten Holz (University of Mannheim)
Vigilante: End-to-End Containment of Internet Worms Manuel Costa (Microsoft Research)