High-speed Networks and Protocols

The last couple of years have seen a huge deployment of dark fiber based network infrastructure in the NREN community. While 10Gbps channels are readily available today, efficiently using them, in particular for fat streams and over long distances, turned out to be non-trivial. This session is both about research and development of new, optimized high speed transport protocols, and about making more of standard TCP.

Time: Monday, May 15 from 16:00 to 17:30 Archived streams are available per presentation.
Location: C
Chair: Felix Kugler SWITCH (CH)

Presentations in this session:

Title Speaker  
Design Challenges in Transport Protocols for High-Speed Networks Doug Leith (Hamilton Institute)
Psock: A Parallel Socket Library Vladimir Smotlacha (CESNET)
A WAN-in-Lab for Protocol Development Lachlan Andrew (Caltech)