Light Management

Hear how self-organising maps can be used to compare actual network traffic with a given traffic policy; learn how the VIOLA testbed has developed a multi-resource reservation mechanism across multiple administrative domains; and see how SURFnet has built a tool, DRAC, that allows users and applications to schedule lightpaths on demand, at any bandwidth and at any time.

Time: Wednesday, May 17 from 16:00 to 17:30 Archived streams are available per presentation.
Location: B
Chair: Ted Hanss University of Michigan Medical School (US)

Presentations in this session:

Title Speaker  
SOM-Based Lightweight Policy Verification Stefan Kraxberger (Inst. Applied Information Processing & Comm.)
Co-Allocation of Computing and Network Resources in the VIOLA Testbed Christoph Barz (University of Bonn)
Opening up the Lightpath Network - in a Manageable Way Bram Peeters (SURFnet)