List of all sessions and presentations

Monday 14:00, A: Opening Plenary

Monday 16:00, A: Bridging the Mediterranean

Monday 16:00, B: Demanding Applications

Monday 16:00, C: High-speed Networks and Protocols

Monday 16:00, D: Realtime Multicast

Tuesday 09:00, A: Plenary 2 - What Really Happens on the Internet?

Tuesday 11:00, A: IPv6 Security

Tuesday 11:00, B: Federations

Tuesday 11:00, C: Network Technologies Beyond 2006

Tuesday 11:00, D: Connecting Schools

Tuesday 11:00, F: Monitoring and Measurement

Tuesday 14:00, A: Security on the Backbone: Detecting and Responding to Attacks

Tuesday 14:00, B: Technologies for Federated Identity

Tuesday 14:00, C: Optical Networks: Testbeds and Deployment

Tuesday 14:00, D: Content Networks for Education

Tuesday 14:00, F: LOBSTER Workshop on Monitoring and Measurement

Tuesday 16:00, A: Hands-on Security on Wireless Networks

Tuesday 16:00, B: Federations and Other Fabrics

Tuesday 16:00, C: Packet vs Circuit Switching - What Will Prevail?

Tuesday 16:00, D: Videoconferencing and Streaming Services

Tuesday 16:00, F: LOBSTER Workshop on Monitoring and Measurement

Wednesday 09:00, A: Plenary 3: High-definition Users

Wednesday 11:00, A: Deploying Mobile Technologies

Wednesday 11:00, B: Networks on Networks - Applications

Wednesday 11:00, C: Human, Infrastructural and Computational Networks

Wednesday 11:00, D: What are NRENs for? Panel Discussion

Wednesday 11:00, F: NoAH Workshop on Honeypots

Wednesday 14:00, A: The world of eduroam

Wednesday 14:00, B: Network Management and Detective

Wednesday 14:00, C: Networks on Networks - Grids

Wednesday 14:00, D: Analysing User Needs

Wednesday 14:00, F: NoAH Workshop on Honeypots

Wednesday 16:00, A: Wireless Accessibility: The Hot Promenade

Wednesday 16:00, B: Light Management

Wednesday 16:00, C: Recent Results from eInfrastructures in South East Europe

Wednesday 16:00, D: Service Portfolio Management and NRENs

Wednesday 16:00, F: NoAH Workshop on Honeypots

Thursday 09:00, A: Videoconferencing and High-definition Video

Thursday 09:00, B: Research Networking beyond Europe

Thursday 09:00, C: Campus Networks

Thursday 09:00, D: Privacy and Legal Issues for Network Operators

Thursday 09:00, F: e-Infrastructures: Addressing More Ambitious Challenges

Thursday 11:00, A: Closing Plenary