Aouaouche El-Maouhab

Organisation: ARN/CERIST (DZ)
Position: Head of Networks Division and responsible of ARN
Profile: Aouaouche El-Maouhab holds a Magister of Architecture Systems from HCR (High Commissariat of Research), Algeria, in 1989; Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Computer Sciences from Houari Boumediene University of Algiers, Algeria, 1982. From 1989 till today she is leading research Division at CERIST with teams working on information networks technologies, where she is involved in technical and project management aspects of a number of national projects as the research and academic network ARN. She is the main manager of ARN. Actual interests concern networks technologies (management, services, modelling …), business process management in complex environment and ICT for e-services (e-library, e-learning, e-commerce, e-business, e-infrastructure …).

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