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Monday, May 15
09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Opening Plenary
  1. Welcome from the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research
  2. Welcome from INFN-LNS (National Institute of Nuclear Physics)
  3. "Beyond Ships and Satellites: How Will We Study the Oceans in the Future?"
Bridging the Mediterranean
  1. Algeria
  2. Egyptian Universities Network - EUN
  3. Morocco
  4. Jordan

(for Sunday and Friday, see also: Meetings around the Conference)

TERENA Technical Advisory Council
(closed meeting)
09:00 - 12:30 (Room F)

Tutorial on Passive Monitoring 09:30 - 12:30 (Room C)
(registration required)

Juniper Networks R&E Summit 09:30 - 12:30 (Room B)

EUMEDCONNECT Project Meeting 09:30 - 12:30 (Room A)

Opening Reception
19:30 - 23:00

Demanding Applications
  1. New Medical Applications
  2. NRENs and Health Care: The Danish Showcase
  3. "Leonardo’s Mind: A Real and Virtual Exhibition to Disseminate the History of Science"
High-speed Networks and Protocols
  1. Design Challenges in Transport Protocols for High-Speed Networks
  2. Psock: A Parallel Socket Library
  3. A WAN-in-Lab for Protocol Development
Realtime Multicast
  1. Multicast Troubleshooting with ssmping and asmping
  2. The CastGate Project
  3. SIP Initiated Mobile Multimedia Group Conferencing based on SSM
Tuesday, May 16
09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 2 - What Really Happens on the Internet?
  1. Lessons from the Real World
IPv6 Security
  1. Security in IPv6
  2. The Security Implications of IPv6
Security on the Backbone: Detecting and Responding to Attacks
  1. A Distributed Intrusion Detection System Based on Passive Sensors
  2. A Tool for Complete Log Mail Analysis: LMA
  3. Network Response to DDOS Attacks
Hands-on Security on Wireless Networks
  1. Detecting Misuse of Wireless Networks
  2. Security within Networks with Ease and One Command Philosophy
  3. Wireless security and the JANET Roaming Service
  4. How Voice over IP Has Become Secure

17:45 - 19:30

Extreme Networks BoF on Security (Room C)

BoF on the Exchange of Ideas for New Services (Room E)

Nortel BoF on Photonic Networks (Room B)

BoF on VoIP and issues related to the SIP protocol (Room D)

  1. What's going on in the US
  2. Federated Access Management in the UK
  3. Supporting Services for a Shibboleth-based Federation
Technologies for Federated Identity
  1. eduGAIN: Federation Interoperation by Design
  2. Usage of SAML in the eduGAIN AAI architecture
  3. AA-RR & Hello SAML: Building Tools for AAI Plumbers
Federations and Other Fabrics
  1. Building Systems with Shibboleth
  2. Grid Trust Fabric
  3. GridShib and PERMIS Integration: Adding Policy-driven RBAC to Attribute-based Authorisation in Grids
Network Technologies Beyond 2006
  1. Parametric Amplification and Multiple Wavelength Conversion in HNLF
  2. 40Gb/s Techniques for Metro/Regional Applications
  3. StarPlane, a GRID application controlled photonic switching network
Optical Networks: Testbeds and Deployment
  1. VIOLA Testbed: Current State and First Results
  2. Experiences in Building a Pan-European Network over Dark Fibre
  3. US Optical Networking Developments in Support of US Research and Education
Packet vs Circuit Switching - What Will Prevail?
  1. Hybrid Local Area Networks
  2. Myths about the Economics of Circuit and Packet-Switched Networks
  3. Circuit vs Packets - Facts from the network
Connecting Schools
  1. Enabling Primary and Secondary Schools for High Bandwidth-demanding Applications
  2. Building a Shared Regional Network for Education and Government – the West Midlands, UK
  3. The SURFnet/Kennisnet Project
  4. Deploying IPv6 Services in the Greek Schools Network
Content Networks for Education
  1. Semantic Overlays in Educational Content Networks
  2. Educating the Educators
  3. UK and European Videoconferencing Services for Schools
Videoconferencing and Streaming Services
  1. A New, All-in Approach to the Use of e-Conferencing services
  2. Live Streaming and Playback-on-demand of Events or Lectures in the Swiss Academic Community
  3. Videoconference with conferenceXP on RCTS “Estúdios” The Next Step
Monitoring and Measurement
  1. A Study On Network Performance Metrics and Their Composition
  2. SMARTxAC: A Passive Monitoring and Analysis System for High-Speed Networks
  3. Network Performance Monitoring for the Grid
  4. Hardware-accelerated NetFlow Probe
LOBSTER Workshop on Monitoring and Measurement
  1. LOBSTER: Large Scale Monitoring of Broadband Internet Infrastructure
  2. Streamline - an Efficient Stream-processing Framework
  3. Ruler: Language-based Anonymisation
LOBSTER Workshop on Monitoring and Measurement
  1. Hardware Anonymisation
  2. Using passive measurements to debug and improve end-to-end network quality
  3. Passive Monitoring for Security-related Applications
Wednesday, May 17
09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 3: High-definition Users
  1. Internet2 Arts & Humanities Initiatives: Innovation in Advanced Networking and Education
  2. HDTV, a broadband multimedia application par excellence
Deploying Mobile Technologies
  1. Moving Securely around Space:The New Mobility and Security Services for ESA
  2. PWLAN Trial
  3. Verification of a Fail Safe Data Transceiver for Wireless Interlocking Communication
The world of eduroam
  1. Towards eduroam-NG in Europe: Overview and Comparison of Inter-domain Authentication Protocols
  2. eduroam Update Asia Pacific
  3. past, present, future
Wireless Accessibility: The Hot Promenade
  1. Eduroam in a box - Easy Setup of an eduroam Server
  2. OBAN - Open Broadband Access Network
  3. Enhancing User Mobility with Network Service Maps

Gala Evening
20:00 - 23:00

Networks on Networks - Applications
  1. Visualisation and Data Mining in the Virtual Observatory Framework
  2. Use of Broadband Networks for Realtime Volcanic Monitoring Techniques
  3. Metadata harvesting in regional digital libraries in PIONIER Network
Network Management and Detective
  1. Routing Integrity in a World of Bandwidth-on-demand
  2. A Network Detective for the the rest of us
  3. The GÉANT2 Advance Multi-domain Provisioning System
Light Management
  1. SOM-Based Lightweight Policy Verification
  2. Co-Allocation of Computing and Network Resources in the VIOLA Testbed
  3. Opening up the Lightpath Network - in a Manageable Way
Human, Infrastructural and Computational Networks
  1. EUMED Grid and China Grid
  2. Data Placement in the Open Science Grid
  3. Monitoring the Grid with the Globus Toolkit MDS4
Networks on Networks - Grids
  1. End-to-End Network Services: What is Really Missing?
  2. To Route Or Not To Route?
  3. Design and implementation issues of a multi-domain BoD-service for the NREN community
Recent Results from eInfrastructures in South East Europe
  1. SEEREN 2 - Bringing Redundancy and Traffic Protection into a Regional Network
  2. What is Needed to Build a Dark Fibre-based Network
  3. Technical Challenges of Establishing a Pilot Grid Infrastructure
What are NRENs for? Panel Discussion
  1. Speaker 1
  2. Speaker 2
  3. Speaker 3
  4. Speaker 4
Analysing User Needs
  1. Trends in Network Capacity and Traffic
  2. Gathering Customer Requirements
  3. User Support: a mechanism to support the research community
Service Portfolio Management and NRENs
  1. Maintaining and Developing Services
  2. Services Positioning in the National Research and Education Network – A New Approach to the Product Life Cycle
  3. Desigining an Initial Set of Services for a New Customer base
NoAH Workshop on Honeypots
  1. Introduction to NoAH: a European Network of Affined Honeypots
  2. Argos: an Emulator for Capturing Zero-Day Attacks
  3. Defending against Polymorphic Attacks: Recent Results and Open Questions
NoAH Workshop on Honeypots
  1. Practical Experiences with the deployment of honeypots
  2. Towards Automated Botnet Detection and Mitigation
  3. Vigilante: End-to-End Containment of Internet Worms
NoAH Workshop on Honeypots
  1. Honeyd Virtual Honeypots and their Applications
  2. Finding Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
  3. Policy, Technology and Regulation
Thursday, May 18
09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Videoconferencing and High-definition Video
  1. Visions '05: Live HD Video Images from the Seafloor via IP Networks
  2. HD Multipoint Videoconferencing
  3. From VRVS to EVO (Enabling Virtual Organizations)
Closing Plenary
  1. Fast, Good, Cheap - The Internet in the 21st century
  2. Thanks and Farewell

TERENA General Assembly
(closed meeting)
14:00 - 17:30

(for Sunday and Friday, see also: Meetings around the Conference)

Cisco Systems Workshop (Room B)

TERENA General Assembly (Room F)

TF-VVC (Room C)

Research Networking beyond Europe
  1. RedCLARA: integrating Latin America into global R&E networking
  2. The emerging NRENs of sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Research Networking beyond Europe – a tool for world development
Campus Networks
  1. GigaCampus - collaborate campus networking in Norway
  2. Jekyll and Hyde - the Art of Managing a Student Campus Network
  3. Linking users to computing services at HE Institutions
Privacy and Legal Issues for Network Operators
  1. Future Developments in Legislation
  2. Legal Issues in Prosecuting Cyber Crime
  3. Internet User Privacy
e-Infrastructures: Addressing More Ambitious Challenges
  1. An Introduction to the 7th Framework Programme
  2. The Challenges for e-Infrastructures
  3. European National Research & Education Networks and GEANT: Experience & Challenges